Flappy Bird Hack and Cheats

Flappy Bird Hack and Cheats

How to Hack Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird came and almost made everyone’s life impossible when they couldn’t score any high points. This frustration escalated to the point of people trying to cheat their way to high scores. Flappy Bird hack then came around and made the gaming life a tad bit easier with simple tricks.
Advisors claim that playing when relaxed and flying low could help you get that high score. Everyone has tried that more than enough times and it hasn’t worked. When you’ve got to this point, or before you do, capitalize on the use of flappy bird hack. It’s easy and it will get you what you want in seconds.

Download Flappy Bird Hack

Flappy Bird Hack

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What is flappy bird hack?

Flappy bird is an infuriatingly addictive game that will keep you hooked to it for some generous amount of time yet you might still score peanuts at every end. That’s probably why it keeps people for long since they’re always trying to get good points. If only they were grades, lol! Anyway, flappy bird hack is basically codes and tricks that allow you to cheat your way to high scores in the game.

These cheat sheets allow players to get unlimited lives when playing. This happens such that no matter how many times you die on the pipes, your extra lives allow you to pick yourself up from where you stopped and proceed with the game. In this way you’re assured of getting that highly desired high score when you play. Don’t be modest, play till you can’t play anymore and display that high score to the world.

How Flappy Bird cheats work ?

Flappy Bird Cheats

This is the manual method , it can be done in 30 seconds via hack tool and you can download it by clicking on download button above.

The best option in the market right now is using ES file explorer. This is the easiest to use and free root aware file explorer available. The only requirement for using it is that your device needs to be rooted. Rooting can be done easily so you’re safe.

Root your device and install ES file explorer. It’s free and valid so no worries. Open ES file explorer, turn on root explorer then click the tools option on it. Click local and choose device. Swipe the left menu away. Choose the second folder named data. Find com.dotgears.flappy, tap flappybird.xmlfile from shers_prefs folder. Select the edit button and set your flappy bird score to a high number. Go back and save the file to enable the options you’ve set to be applied. From then on you can play and die as many times as you want. With the unlimited lives, you can pick it up from where you stopped every time you die hence you can garner the highest score you set.

There are so many flappy bird cheats on the market today that can allow you to get high scores. The major problem is, most require to you to pay for their usage or subscription; which is very unfair since the game itself is free. This flappy bird hack is free and easy to do. Plus, it definitely won’t corrupt your phone and files on it. Try it today and get that high score you’ve frustratingly been trying to get. No one said cheating can’t be fun. Make sure you check out Hay day hack if you liked Flappy bird.