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Ask.FM tracker is a useful tool for people who are trying to find the source of the anonymous person who sent them a question through the Facebook app. When you keep receiving multiple negative feedback and hate from some random person, it becomes really difficult to manage your reputation in the website. But, the working tracking tool will simplify things for you and allow you to know the IP address of the person who has been constantly bugging you. The website is hugely popular among people of all age groups around the globe. The anonymity is a great tool, especially for teenagers who like to ask some insane questions and also for people who love to abuse someone for no reason so that they can get away with it. Not anymore because this anonymity has been successful broken by our team of professional programmers who have worked round the clock to come up with a working tool. The program is free from any virus, easy to use and doesn’t require you to pay anything. hack (tracker tool) is completely free and available for download right this instant.

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Update 2 : February 2015

How to use Ask.FM Hack – Tracker tool

  1. Download the package via download button above
  2. Unpack using WinRar or WinZip
  3. Run the software , and enter the desired username/question link
  4. Click start and after few seconds you will get the name of the person who sent the question ip Tracker Is 100% Safe Anonymous Finder

Most of you might have scouting the internet to find a working tracker and all your days spent in searching has finally paid off. After having found the fully working tool provided in our website, you don’t have to look anywhere else. It’s all here! The program is ready to download and it doesn’t have any verification process. There are some tools which might urge you to verify using a credit card or pay using real money. These methods are the ideal ones for you because no one would like to keep paying for services like this which is why we are keen on our free giveaway product. All you have to do now is download the tracking tool, run it and provide your login information. The program will automatically start tracking those questions asked in your account and will trace the IP source of the questioner. This will make it easy for you to easily track the people based on the IP and talk to them if required, in case they are abusing the system regularly. tracker is a free tool developed by a team of experts who wanted to help people like you. Our sole aim is to make sure people like you can stop being bullied, being disliked for no reason or given random questions that doesn’t make sense. Everything comes to an end with this working tool that has been tested to be free from virus, spyware and malware. The program is highly safe to use and appropriately designed to one job – search people’s IP address for you so that you know the origin of the question. The tool works on all major operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also made to run on iOS and Android devices for added convenience. Now, you can immediately know who asked the question to you and make use of their location if required for quality purposes. The ask fm tracker tool is useful for people who like to know customer feedback and also remove abusers who down vote you for no reason. Download it now and see how productive the tool can be!

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